ABOUT Gladius

ABOUT Gladius

The Gladius Group is a multi-industry company based in Dubai,UAE. The group’s portfolio currently includes Ecommerce, Business Center, General Industrial, Commercial trading, Medical Services and hospitality. It is one of the largest corporations in the region. The company maintains a prominent position of leadership involving new ideas among its peers.

The Gladius Group is a powerful and vibrant company. It has branches throughout the Middle East and Africa. The company’s main philosophy is encouragement. One of many indices of progress and development is the constant strive for customer satisfaction and ensuring high-quality work. Together, all these factors contribute towards the expansion of Group’s horizons and support its driving force.


Our Vision & Mission is to be a dominant investment firm in the local and regional market. Focusing on a diverse range of investments that create value to our community, generate wealth and positive long-lasting investment impact.